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A little about me!

About Our Company

Welcome to CodeSantaCruz, where we aim to empower students in their programming journey. We will set students up for success by engaging in detailed programming projects ranging from beginning to advanced levels. We push our students to think outside the box by offering a supportive environment to explore coding as a healthy outlet for creativity. Our comprehensive curriculum teaches programming concepts and delves into real-world applications and general computer science topics. To ensure accessibility, we use free software programs, except for artistic tools like Aseprite or Photoshop. Join us at CodeSantaCruz to unlock your potential in the exciting world of software development and embark on a transformative educational journey.

About Me

A little about me: my name is Ethan Okamura. I am a computer science major with the end goal of obtaining a master’s degree alongside practical experience in software engineering. As the creator of CodeSantaCruz, I aim to be a mentor and teacher, providing affordable resources for people of all backgrounds. With a decade of programming expertise and a background in teaching, my goal is to instill a love for programming in anyone who wants to take these courses while they have fun creating their dream projects. I am committed to the continuous journey of learning and higher education and strive to offer my students comprehensive knowledge and support. Learn more about my experience by checking out my portfolio.

End Goal

My goal with these lessons and courses is to offer a personalized learning experience. When I was young, I taught myself how to program but took many wrong steps and skipped over important topics. Now that I am older, more experienced, and have succeeded in structured college courses within this field, I am prepared to share my experiences and knowledge with others to help them learn to code efficiently and effectively. With two years of teaching experience, I have worked with students of all ages and backgrounds. I am prepared to work with anyone who has an interest in programming or wants to express themselves creatively. I believe programming is not just a hobby but also a healthy, beneficial, and practical skill.

Regarding my teaching style, I strongly believe in learning by doing. Throughout my life, I have been a hands-on learner, and I find this approach works best for myself and many other creatively inclined individuals, especially younger students. I find long, drawn-out lectures challenging. To address this, I offer project-based courses where students learn a topic and immediately put it into practice. Through repetition and practice, students quickly grasp everything they need to know to succeed in the future. I aim to inspire students to continue their programming journey even after they have completed their time with me.